The nuance of human and the power of AI to
engage your people at scale.

We partner with you to go beyond measurement and data analysis to create positive sustainable culture change across organizations.

Our process is summed up  by the golden trio:
What? So what? Now what?



We gather first-hand intel from every person in all parts of your organization.
*net promoter scores
*wellbeing surveys
*Glint scores
*360 Feedback
*engagement or burnout data
and find the insights that you need most
We can also design your survey.

Data Privacy

Our process ensures privacy-protected insights. You get data-driven, actionable insights while maintaining anonymity. We can safely manage personal, de-identified and aggregated data to output insights at the iteam and organizational levels.

So What?


We analyze and interpret the data using an AI + Human collaboration process. Measurement and comment come together to clarify the story your data is telling about what's hindering and helping individual work and organizational goals through critical theme identification.

We Know When You Need a Human in the Loop

1. Survey​
2. Data completeness & plausibility
3. Composite scores calculation​
4. AI-enabled comment sort
5. Human validity check
6. AI-enabled comment insight mining​​
7. Human mapping of insights

Now What?

Adapt & Embed

A diagnosis is only as good as the action it sparks. We take insights and turn them into strategies.
This is how we help you to integrate, innovate, or double down on existing cultural development initiatives that build clarity, growth, autonomy, productivity, wellbeing, trust, respect and psychological safety with agility.

Top Down & Bottom Up

Our action plans help you make intentional sustainable change at the individual, team, or organizational level.

We're your partner in:

Developing Talent and Skills  

Adapt and excel through direct learning, fostering both personal and organizational growth. Learning & Development solutions include workshops, online training module development/adaptation, 1:1 coaching and guided deliberate practice for integration into daily routine.

Igniting Connection to Clear Shared Goals

Experience a collaborative process where managers and teams align on priorities, blending top-level strategies with actionable plans. Team members engage deeply with their work's purpose, connecting to the bigger picture. This fosters accountability, commitment, and a sense of ownership, enhancing motivation and drive.

Role Modeling an Evolving Culture

Boost strategic alignment through recognition of culture champions and trendsetting leaders who embody desired behaviors. This leverages 'social proof', guiding team members through peer examples. The result? A ripple effect that embeds positive changes deeply into your organization's culture.

Scaffolding through Formal Mechanisms

Deploy structured processes and systems to reinforce the changes, ensuring they are sustainable and deeply embedded in your organization's culture. Examples of formal mechanisms include Competency Framework, Clear Goal Priority Matrix, Feedback Alignment, Common Language, Meeting Structure

Who We Serve


At Apricity, we empower consultants. Our tools and insights help you to elevate your consulting practices, ensuring you deliver exceptional value to your clients. Whether it's through data-driven strategies or fostering human potential, we're here to amplify your impact.


We partner with organizations to ignite a culture of continuous growth and innovation. Our approach goes beyond mere data analysis; we help you embed sustainable change, driving both individual and organizational flourishing.  Apricity is your ally in navigating the complexities of modern business landscapes.

Our experts ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition.

Tamara Lechner       

Founding Partner

Ron Paul             

Culture & Leadership Advisor

Britta Klokotschnik

Founding Partner

Dan Pontefract            

Leadership Strategist, Author

Tygre Perl               

Conflict Resultion

Michel Spruance    

Leadership Coach, Shift 360 Advisor

What is Apricity and what services does it offer?

We're your partners in capturing insights from your full organization in real time. We are experts in applying evolving technology to create a real-time dialog between all employees and leadership. We turning your employee data (surveys and feedback) into action plans that help you identiy and leverage high potential change.

What does Apricity mean?

Apricity is a rare word that refers to the warmth of the sun during winter when it feels pleasant or comforting. Our work sheds light & warmth either by fanning embers or ingiting new flames.

How can I be sure that Apricity will identify key insights in our data?

Apricity employs a team to offer an interdisciplinary approach, coupled with a deep understanding of the latest developments in AI and human potential. Typical sentiment analysis misses sarcasm, multi-pronged comments and nuanced understanding of your organization's unique language. Typical survey dashboards miss the complexity and context of the story your data tells. By combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence we get results you can trust.

What is the approach of Apricity towards AI and ethics?

Apricity believes in a proactive and holistic approach towards AI and ethics. Our co-founder chairs the AI for Human Flourishing working group as part of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard. We anticipate and address potential ethical issues in AI before they become problems and consider diverse perspectives in our LLM choice.

How can I get involved?

We play well with others! If you think your unique strengths and experience would add value to our small but mighty global team, please reach out via the contact form below.

Whether you're looking for consultation, wanting to learn more about our services, or interested in our AI-enhanced insight mining, don't hesitate to reach out.

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